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The ideal explainer video agency!

You want to make your product or service more successful and are looking for the right partner at your side?

We have specialized in the offer of small and medium-sized companies - in doing so, we have compared ourselves with 120 agencies.

The expectations of an explainer video are high

and justifiably so - videos ensure better advertising campaigns and increasing user numbers - and thus more success for your offer.

Explainer videos are becoming more and more popular. No wonder, videos are the most popular type of content. With increasing demand, the number of providers is also rising - logical. We bring light into the darkness and explain what makes a good agency.

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The promises of the agencies are high!

Every agency advertises to be the best, the cheapest, the fastest, the one with the best results and service.

But what is really true and how do you keep track of the mass of offers?

In the end, you want to find an agency that understands your offer and will help you achieve more success with an explainer video - and you certainly don't want to spend a fortune in the process.

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Infographic: Price and performance must balance each other out

How to find the agency that delivers what it promises

Avoid fatalities, off-the-shelf videos that don't appeal to a customer, or vast amounts of wasted marketing budget.

Your goal - More customers

Let's be honest: You don't want an explainer video - what you really want is a successful product, more customers and thus more sales. With an explainer video you will achieve these goals. For this, your agency should always ask, understand and meet your goals. In the best case, let them show you previous success stories that really fit your goals.

Your personal video expert is always available and will work with you to achieve your goals. The best scriptwriters and illustrators then design a video that is perfectly tailored to your company. From the target group approach to the adaptation to your corporate design.


The best explainer video in the world won't help you if it's not staged properly. For a video to develop its full effect, it must be seen. The rule is: without viewers, there will be no resounding success.

We know exactly how effective a video can be and where it should be integrated so that it can unfold its full potential. Whether as an advertising tool in Facebook Ads or as a customer magnet on your website - we know what to do.

Tailor-made optics

The graphics and elements in a video should match your product and even be drawn explicitly for your project. Before placing an order, check whether the agency uses pre-made graphics or really gets creative for your video.

Every explainer video from videobakers is unique. We redraw every scene for your product and adapt it to your company design and your target group. After all, you want to stand out from the competition with the video and not produce a video that resembles every other on the Internet.


One important fact is simply the price. As a rule of thumb, too cheap is bad, but you don't have to spend a fortune either. It can be stated that the price is significantly influenced by two things: the visual design and the storytelling.

We stand for transparency - even before contacting us, you can use our price configurator to determine the price for your video. You can then use the price found as a reference for further research and thus have a basis - even without our free initial consultation.

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On popular platforms, check reviews on Google, ProvenExport or Facebook.

We are proud of our average rating of 4.9 stars with over 60 customer reviews.
Check out Google or Provenexpert to see for yourself what we're like.

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How does the explainer video process work?

An explainer video goes through several milestones. A multi-stage process ensures that the video is exactly what you want. Be sure to ask the agency if there are other phases besides the script, such as the storyboard, illustration and animation.

You can get an accurate picture of the milestones in our video about the process. We've broken the process down into four milestones: Script, Storyboard, Illustration, and Animation.
You have the opportunity to express feedback after each milestone. This process is called a feedback loop.

More about the creation process

Are the graphics and elements drawn for your project or does the agency rely on ready-made graphics ?

The graphics and elements in a video should match your product and in the best case even be drawn explicitly for your project. Before placing an order, check whether the agency uses ready-made graphics or really gets creative for your video.

We draw each scene anew for your explainer video. If there are synergies with previous projects, we naturally use these and adapt the elements accordingly. In any case, you have the possibility to adjust every subtlety in the graphics according to your wishes.

How many feedback loops are included?

You are the professional in your field and know what is important for your product and service. You certainly also have wishes and ideas about how your video should look. Before commissioning, check whether and how many feedback loops are included in the corresponding milestones.

An explainer video is art - and art is subjective. However, we are professionals in the visual design of your video and in storytelling and know exactly what we are doing. Should you nevertheless wish to make changes to the voiceover, the drawings or the music during production, the motto always applies: the customer is king. We do not limit the number of change loops! We implement your change requests - it's as simple as that!

How are overseconds calculated?

A video that lasts a few seconds longer than originally planned is often unavoidable. Maybe the speaker has to insert some pauses while speaking to emphasize certain passages or to create a dramaturgy. In this case, the video may take 1-5 seconds longer. Under certain circumstances, new requirements may have arisen on your part and you may wish to include another topic in the video. In this case, check in any case, how the agency reacts to longer videos.

Our top priority is: We always decide with your consent first. If the video should become longer due to a change and this should lead to additional costs, we will let you know in time and discuss the possibilities with you. Furthermore, we are aware that a video can sometimes take a few seconds longer. Therefore, we only charge for additional seconds if it is not in proportion to the original duration. If a 60-second video takes 6 seconds longer, this does not result in a higher final invoice.

In which format will the video be made available to you?

Especially if you want to post the video on the social channels, it is important to get the video in different formats.

We provide the video in four formats and sizes. So far, this has been sufficient in most cases. If you need other formats, we provide the video free of charge in the desired formats.

Are there enough voices available that you like?

The voice-over gives your video that certain something. It's best to check the website beforehand to see which speakers the agency provides.

At videobakers, we only use hand-picked speakers from the advertising film industry for the soundtrack of your explanatory film project. The dubbing is of course already included in the price of our videos. We cannot take over the choice of the speaker from you. Just have a listen to our examples. In our overview page you will find more than 50 speakers in different dialects and languages.

To our speakers

Look closely at the delivery time?

With the delivery time is caution gebot, many agencies promise production durations and guarantee these even. Here is caution gebot. Ask before necessarily, how it behaves with feedback, with a video that must be finished quickly. Often feedback delays the process and your video will not be ready in time.

If you are interested in an explainer video from Videobakers, we will create a custom schedule for you that includes all milestones and contingencies. The project plan explains exactly how the collaboration between us and you must proceed so that we can complete your video in the shortest possible time.

Example videos

Explainer videos of an explainer video agency are their flagship. With an agency that displays only a few videos on your website, you have to ask yourself why the videos are not presented to potential customers on the website.

We publish ALL videos on our website. You can find them at Of course, it happens that a customer's video is not published on Of course we can't publish these videos on our website.

Your contact persons

My team and I are always available to answer any questions you may have about your explainer film project. Just call us spontaneously or send us an email!

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+44 178 547 22 30

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[email protected]

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Sohail Khokhar

Our video expert for your questions

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Your goals are our focus

You have further questions and would like to find out why we are the right people for your request? Just get in touch!

Step 1: Fill in the kick-off form

We are experts in our field - but when it comes to your idea, you are the real professional.

To understand your product and be able to present you with a tailor-made solution approach, we want to learn more about you and your product.

To do this, you will find the most important questions in our kick-off form.

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Step 2 StartUp conversation

We will then present our ideas to you in a non-binding 30-minute meeting.
From the target group approach, to the content, to the design of the video and its use, your future project manager will advise you personally.

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Step 3: We create your video.

In our four-stage production process, our entire team gets really creative for you - of course, you'll be there live during production.

We think about how to untie the knot in your customer's mind to help your product gain more attention and success.

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Step 4 Integration of the video

The best explainer video in the world won't help you if it's not staged properly. We know exactly how effective a video can be and where it should be integrated so that it can unfold its full potential. Whether it's as a promotional tool in Facebook Ads or as a customer magnet on your website. We know what to do and are at your side as a competent partner as a matter of course.

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