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Unser agiler kundenorientierer Produktionsprozess sorgt für pünktliche Lieferung zum vereinbarten Budget und ohne Überraschungen.

1. contacting

With us, everything revolves around your project! Before we can really get started with your video, we want to listen to your ideas and wishes in order to create a breathtaking video for you. With our expertise and know-how, we want to advise you in the best possible way to understand your goal in detail. Take advantage of our telephone support and let our Bakers know what you have in mind.


2. recipe for your video

Hollywood here we come! In a meeting with conception and production management, we discuss the details of your video together with you. While we create stunning videos for you, when it comes to your idea, you are the professional and we want to benefit from your knowledge. In our kick-off meeting, we want to learn every detail of your project so we hit the nail right on the head.


3. concept

Our creative minds really get going now. They package your idea into a breathtaking storyboard that is precisely aligned with the needs of your target group. Unique and on-point. In the storyboard you can get your own picture of the scenes and the skills of our illustrators. Your opinion is important to us! So of course we would like to share with you our Baker's work and will present script and storyboard to you.


4. your video

After final feedback adjustments, our Bakers breathe life into it all - motion designers, toners and media designers come together to create animation, sound design and editing of your video.